Horror Starter Pack HD

The HD (High Deathinition) version of our free Horror Starter Pack. Includes clean and dirty versions of the assets.

Horror Starter Pack

We've contributed to the community by bringing you some FREE horror assets!

High Quality Armchairs

We have carefully crafted 5 armchairs to make your game interiors pop. Includes textures, roughness maps, AO, normal maps, and metalness maps.

Spooky Shadergraph Starters

A free set of spooky shadergraph shaders to get your started. Created by Ryan Gowan.

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Meet the team

Simon Forsythe and Jordan Cameron are Instant Zoomies

Together, we are combining our skillsets to bring you professionally made assets that are fairly priced and easy to use. We look forward to seeing how you used our assets!

Need help? contact us at support@instantzoomies.xyz